Important Information

Health and Safety

Care should be taken when handling and installing TRANSGULF CEMENT PRODUCTS. Units weighing 20kg or more should ideally be handled mechanically, or by two or more persons if the process of carrying is repetitive.

Delivery and Storage

TGCP are normally delivered to sites, properly packed on craneoffload road vehicles. Upon special request, packs can also be delivered shrink-wrapped and/or palletized to aid subsequent site movement activities. After delivery, the customer is solely responsible to ensure all packaging is carefully disposed off in accordance with the local environmental laws.

Delivered products should be stacked at a planned location on the site to avoid the double handling. Bundles should be stacked onto a prepared, clean area to minimize soiling and damage. It is highly recommended that the products are kept at a distant location, away from passing vehicles and pedestrians.


All concrete products may, in their early life, appear to lose some intensity of color and experience a white stain on the face of the product. This phenomenon is known as efflorescence, it is a temporary phenomenon and stains will generally clear within a period and stains will generally clear within a period of time. This is not detrimental to the product performance in any way and TGCP cannot be held responsible for its occurrence.

Color Variation

Due to the phenomenon of different curing, slight color and shade variation do occur on individual colored concrete products. Site conditions, seasonal manufacture, or naturally occurring variations in the aggregates used, can also cause variations. This is generally considered to enhance the natural stone effect and the colors will invariably wither in time.


It is recommended that the paving materials are cleaned 2-3 times in a year to maintain appearance. Products which are paved on driveway, particularly of light colors, require more maintenance as the tire mark and oil leakage can diminish the appearance. It is recommended to clean using normal water with a soft brush, high pressure jet pumps should not be used. Power washing is to be avoided completely.


To avoid shortage, wastage of material, please double check the order quantity as TGCP LLC will neither be responsible for extra material nor the duration to deliver the shortage material. To avoid any confusion with respect to ordering, it is suggested that the paving tiles are ordered as a total batch and drawn out from several packs at the same time, to enhance any color variation. We recommend that colors are chosen from actual materials rather than color photographs herein.


All concrete products will wither and change, especially after a period of time with exposition to natural elements.


TRANSGULF’s paving is manufactured to capture the authenticity of natural stone and as such, they do vary in thickness. All sizes are nominal and customers are advised to check with their supplier. Bulging can occur on larger individual pavers as a natural result of shrinkage. This does not alter the durability of the product.


Liability in respect of any statements, conditions, warranties and representations made on behalf of the company,

TRANSGULF CEMENT PRODUCTS LLC cannot accept liability for any loss, damage or injuring sustained as a result of following it. We will not take any responsibility or liability if products are being used for purposes other than those for which they are intended for by the manufacturers. Due to our continuous evolution of product design and improvement, our range is subject to change without prior notice. Customers are advised to ensure that the stated information is up to date.

Product Unsatisfactory Condition

In case a product is delivered in an unsatisfactory condition, and other than any natural occurring one as described, the defect would have to be informed about apparent prior to laying. It is at this point that the supplier should be notified of such a fault, and allowed time for the rejected product to be replaced. If the complaint is raised after laying the product, no responsibility will be accepted for any relaying or removing costs.