Barrier Kerb

  • Barrier kerbs act as a deterrent to motorists from coming too close to pavement edges and other sensitive areas

Barrier kerbs, as the very name suggests, are intended to prevent vehicle encroachments from one side of the carraigeway to the other. Barrier kerbs are used to distinguish sections and separate opposing traffic flow, thereby restricting drivers to their side of the road. The intrinsic shape of the barrier kerb with its steep concave face, acts as a deterrent to motorists, thus reducing the risk to pedestrians walking on pavements. Another common application of the barrier kerb is to protect vulnerable footpaths such as pedestrian islands and dangerous curves. They are commonly used to line and protect sensitive roadside equipment such as fuel pumps at filling stations as w

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All our products, including pavers, kerbs and tiles are available in a wide range of colours to suit any of your design requirements. Complete customisation is also possible to suit your particular project colour scheme. Please note that the exact colour of a product may vary according to chosen product and texture.

Please note that the exact colour of a product may vary according to chosen proinnerduct and texture.


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