Renowned for superior locking strength of the Unipaver shape

Economical and ubiquitous, the unipaver is one of our most popular paving solutions. The Uni is most renowned for its superior locking strength. It’s serrated edges ensure that each block fits snugly against the next, creating an interlocked pattern capable of taking on enormous loads. The inherent shape of the paver, with its two axis upon which concentrated loads can be placed, results in a uniform distribution of weight and an optimal release of tension. This explains the Uni’s outstanding durability, and why it is commonly used for covering large areas that witness heavy vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

Item Unipaver
Length (mm) 225
Width (mm) 112.5
Thickness (mm) 60 80 100
Weight of block (kg) 3.57 4.72 6.00
Blocks /m2 40 40 40
Blocks /bundle 400 400 280
Square meter /bundle 10.00 10.00 7.00
Item Unistarter
Length (mm) 315
Width (mm) 225
Thickness (mm) 60 80
Weight of block (kg) 4.37 5.75
Blocks /m2 32 32
Blocks /bundle 216 216
Square meter /bundle 6.75 6.75


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