Transgulf’s tiles are highly versatile. They are mainly used for public walkways, yards and simply everywhere else you desire. Our tiles are made of concrete with natural aggregate and are available in different sizes to meet your requirement. Our choice of distinctive color and finishes will simply allow you to select the right tile for your designated environment. Transgulf’s tiles are manufactured using hydraulically pressed wet mix. Tiles are manufactured as per British Standards.


Available Finishes

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Standard Quality

Each of our tiles is manufactured with standard quality materials, employing state of the art hydraulic press technology. Ideally tiles of multiple colors are placed together to add to the design element of the site, cutting down maintenance costs.

Our tiles fit perfectly with each other, creating a flawless, comfortably smooth walkway. Transgulf offers a wide range of sizes, colors and textures, making our tiles suitable for places of completely different natures, from sports stadiums to beaches, from public parks to monumental mosques.

The process of hydraulic press allows for not only efficient, cost effective production of tiles, but also for standardization and perfection. Transgulf uses the highest level of scientific equipment and process for production of tiles, ensuring sustainability, durability and perfection in each and every tile.

Sizes & Thickness

Sizes Thickness (mm)
300 X 300 40/60/80
300 X 300 40/60/80
400 X 200 40/60/80
450 X 450 40/60/80
500 X 500 50/60/80
500 X 250 50/60/80
600 X 600 50/60/80
600 X 300 50/60/80
600 X 400 50/60/80
800 X 400 60/80
1000 X 300 60/80
1000 X 250 60/80
1000 X 500 60/80


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