A complete list of available finishes for pavers, tiles and kerbstones is detailed below. Recommended finishes for each series are suggested on individual product pages.

Bush Hammered

Employing an automatic German machine, the surface is pummelled by pyramidical chisels mounted on a hammer to create a roughened, natural looking surface.


In this finish, the top surface is blasted with miniature steel balls to remove fine mortar, and reveal the natural chips and aggregates of the paver, tile or kerbstone.


High-pressured jets of water clean the top layer prior to hardening of the surface, resulting in a unique, textured surface that exposes the natural aggregates of the surface.


Using an automatic German machine, the surface of fully cured products are curled using a special carborundum brush to create a smooth, silken finish


Using Italian technology, two or more colours are blended in a single product to create a custom mix of hues that give any paver or kerb a natural, unique look.

Transgulf Eco-Pave

An environment-friendly option, Transgulf's exclusive Eco-Pave finish is surface treated to prevent water from seeping through, thus preserving the original visual appearance of the concrete over time.

Transgulf Eco-Flow

Eco-flow is a permeable paving system that boosts urban drainage. It prevents the flooding of paved areas, while collecting and filtering rain water for later use.


Carborundum stone grinding machines are used to grind the surface with the purpose of exposing the natural brightness and shapes of the colored aggregates and chips.

Split Finish

The surface of the products is split in two to expose its natural uneven structure. Split finish is often used for applications on custom designed blocks and steps.


Also known as Antique, this finish takes a step back in time, boasting a irregular and rough structured surface. Embossed finish offers good protection against slipping.


Normal finish is the standard, default finish for all concrete pavers made by Transgulf. This finish is also called Factory finish.


This is standard finish which has a smooth, textured effect. Smooth finish does not expose any aggregate or chips.


Exfoliated finish is a special process where the product skin is removed in flakes without exposing too much of aggregate matrix, resulting in a textured surface that is soft to the touch.


Tumbled finish involves an automatic process where cured product edges are tumbled to give an old, distressed look and feel to products. Tumbled finish is often used to create an old-world charm to the landscape.


Toro refers to our special range of round edged products, created with a specially designed Italian machine. The Toro rounded edge is usually used to protect vulnerable areas.

Riven Finish

A special embossed effect with an undulting surface pattern, the riven finish boasts of an irregular finish with a rough, granular surface texture.

Diamond Cut

A specialized machine cuts the top surface of the product with diamond blades to reveal the aggregates' natural beauty, resulting in a uniform, smooth surface.


As the name suggests, this finish has small pimple-like elevations on its surface resulting in a consistent dotted surface pattern that is rough to the touch.


Also known as detectable warning surface, Tactile is commonly used on footpaths, train stations and bus stations to assist the visually challenged.

Machine Laying

All products in this range can be laid by machine in pre-determined layout patterns. Machine laying is deal for use in large areas like container terminals and warehouses.

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